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Resonant Frequency Therapy - Building the Rife Beam Ray Device
by James Bare

Bare, a chiropractor, has modified this device, first created and tested in the 1930's by Dr. Royal Rife. The original, when tested in a 1934 clinical trial by medical physicians, showed phenomenal results in helping cancer patients. It was then lost for 60 years, until Bare revived this version, which he says is not only more effective, but easier to use, build, and find the frequencies needed for each ailment.

This book is about the recreation of a relatively unknown therapy device. A device first created and tested in the 1930's by Dr. Royal Rife, and then lost to humanity for the next 60 years. Dr. Rife's device was tested in a 1934 clinical trial performed by Medical Physicians associated with the University of Southern California, at the Scripps Ranch in California. The results of this research experiment were that 14 out of 16 people in the test were pronounced cured of their Cancer in 60 days. The remaining two people were pronounced cured within the next 60 days.

The Rife Device through the process of electrical resonance, had the ability to destroy or devitalize specific cells and microorganisms. The Rife device also had the ability to remove cataracts from patients eyes. After some initial successes, the technology behind the device was lost . This is not the story of how the technology was lost, rather this book - manual is about how you can recreate a similar device yourself. My device is not another model of the 1950's Rife device which utilized pads or electrodes and is currently available from other sources. My device is a radio frequency excited gas plasma tube unit, similar to what was used in the 1934 clinical tests, and needs no direct connection with the test subject. There is evidence, that my devices' effects extend outwards at least 100 feet. I make no claims of this being the actual Rife device. Based on direct observation and anecdotal reports from many other users over the past six months of 1996, the effects of this device seem to closely mimic those obtained by Dr Rife.

Many other researchers through the years have tried and failed to discover the secret of the Rife devices' operation. The device I have created, and that you can build for yourself, does work, producing many positive physiologic effects in test animals. I believe that the pictures and results which the book and videotape document,more than speak for themselves. My device has demonstrated an ability to destroy some microorganisms, " devitalize " other microorganisms and stimulate the white blood cells into a state of hyperactivity both in vitro and,in vivo.In limited animal tests,it acts as a very strong analgesic, anecdotal reports which I present here not as a claim but merely as information, indicate that the devices pain relieving ability may be at least equal to that of Codene, but not as great as some of the stronger narcotics such as Morphine. The device has shown an ability to sedate or stimulate the nervous system depending upon the type of gas used to form the plasma and the applied audio frequency, again in limited animal tests. Exposure often causes the subject to fall to sleep if the subject animal is extremely ill, or is emotionally distraught. Another aspect of the device is its ability to produce an extreme vitalizing effect, which is not stimulation as would occur with the administration of caffeine or some other drug. A better way to think of this is in terms of Chinese Medicine where the concept of "Qi", or a vitalistic healing energy exists. In older or infirm animals this viatalizing effect manifests as increased activity and energy. From some very superficial animal testing, the device also has shown some ability to relieve (not remove) and relax post traumatic scar tissue formation, relieve joint stiffness and pain, and has shrunk at least one non Malignant Tumor. The devices applicability to various joint and muscular disorders is being investigated outside of the USA. Initial reports, presented for informational purposes only not for a claims of efficacy, are very encouraging with both Osteo and Rheumatiod arthritis. The device's people have constructed from plans in my book, do not seem to cure these disorders but instead limits inflammatory reactions, improves joint flexibility, and nearly instantaneously decreases pain. Effects can last from several hours to a few weeks after a single exposure.

Over the past six months of developmental operation I have personally had three episodes of obvious viral infections, two of these cleared within 12 hours, after a ten minute exposure from the device. The third time occurred just recently, when I severely ran myself down through a lack of sleep and over work. In this third episode, the virus really managed to get a hold of me, and it took three 10 minute exposures over a 48 hour period to clear . I am not making claims here about the treatment of human disease. What I am saying, is that instead of suffering for two to three weeks, I recovered faster. Did the effects of the device, moderate the course of my disease? This question cannot be answered without more supporting evidence. Reports to me from various constructors, presented here for for informational purposes only, not for claims of efficacy, has been used successfully with a variety of seasonal viral infections producing results similar to mine .

The use of the device on disease in humans is worthy of further investigation in a more appropriate clinical manner. On the surface these are grandiose statements, but I do not believe that these statements are near the limit of the devices capabilities.

My devices' effects,on Cancer needs further investigation. Some initial reports from individuals using the device on Cancer, are extremely positive. Some researchers are apparently getting good effects from their use of the device, but the long term effects and prognosis of their testing is unknown. A section of the video tape shows the blood of an individual with Cancer, that came to me with a device he self constructed from my plans. This individual wanted to know if his device would work. Video tape was made of his blood before any exposure, and after the first two exposures he took. The effects of the device were dramatic, his blood filling with large amounts of cellular debris. This documentation can be seen in the available video tape. I must point out, that there is no available treatment protocol, and any use of the device is done at the users own risk.

This book contains all that I know, no construction or operational aspects of the device have been withheld. This device can be constructed, and produce what some may consider dramatic physiologic effects, by following the instructions in my book.

There is not adequate space to discuss how the device produces physiologic effects here in this introduction . One should think of this device as behaving as a cross between a TENS unit,a short wave diathermy,a micro current, and ultra sound therapeutic device for comparison. My device utilizes a variable audio frequency square wave which is important, as a single nerve impulse resembles a square wave when viewed on an oscilloscope. It has been hypothesized (nearly 75 years ago!) that a fixed frequency square wave can in some instances be accepted by various body tissues and cells as an actual nerve impulse or command. The implications of this acceptance need more investigation. Recent research ( references on request ) has shown that stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system has resulted in the selective release of mmunoregulatory cells into the circulation. Some of these cells released by sympathetic stimulation were T suppressor/cytotoxic and natural killer cells. Further there is research evidence of sympathetic stimulation causing the release of various chemical compounds and neurotransmitters that act directly on the activities of white blood cells. Much research needs to be done before it can be said that this device simulates some of the effects of the Sympathetic Nervous System on the immune system, or causes the release of chemical stimulators but there is intriguing indications that this may be so.

This instrument is a solid state device which some knowledgeable Rife researchers may object to. What I have done is to overcome the problems in a solid state instrument by essentially duplicating and then improving upon the beneficial factors inherent in an electron (vacuum) tube instrument. It has been found that one of the main reasons other developers have been unsuccessful is the ease with which it is possible to control and regulate the output of a solid state circuit. Modern electronics desires that a device have very little distortion, tight control of the output, and rigorous frequency stability. Old tube based electronics had very little of these modern attributes. Consequently as a first step in construction, my book shows you how to easily modify the primary transmitter ( a CB radio ). This modification produces; a greater bandwidth, more harmonics that will fit in the widened bandwidth, and a gated RF pulse. These three factors taken together are then outputted into a linear amplifier which lacks any harmonic suppression.

The output from the linear amplifier results in a 35 to 50 fold increase in both the audio fundamental and all the harmonics present in the input. At least one of Dr. Rife's Beam Tube devices utilized only a six fold increase in amplification. The final 140 to 200 watt output from the linear amplifier is then fed into an Antenna Tuner which is connected to a Plasma Tube. The Antenna Tuner matches the RF and the Plasma Tube creating dramatic increases in the units efficiency. Dr. Rife did not use antenna tuning systems with his devices. Basically Dr. Rife just dumped the output of the transmitter into the Plasma Tube and used enough energy to get the Plasma started. What has been found is that the lower the Standing Wave Ratio (SWR - a measure of the power absorbed and radiated by the plasma tube), the more intense are the effects from the plasma tube. As the SWR falls below 1.5:1 each .1 difference in SWR can actually be felt physically, and noticed in results. I believe this is because harmonics are being allowed to enter the Plasma tube more efficiently .

An antenna tuner can be considered to be another key factor in the devices operation. As you change the applied audio frequency, the entire apparatus shifts its resonant point. This makes lighting the plasma tube difficult and creates a very high SWR thus decreasing effectiveness. Without the antenna tuner, a shift in radio frequency and perhaps modification of some of the internal parameters of the linear amplifier would be called for to bring the unit back into resonance. Dr. Rife used to have to do just that, by varying the input voltages and current to what he called a regenerative audion tube, and varying the output frequency of the device with each applied audio frequency, or as he called these audio frequencies Mortal Oscillatory Rates (MOR).

Dr. Rife, in at least one device, utilized 500 watts of power, to drive the plasma tube. Remember there was no SWR matching taking place. I will tell you right here that 500 watts could be extremely dangerous when used with an antenna tuner. I have another linear amplifier that puts out 250 watts with even more harmonics than the 140 watt unit, and it will almost knock you off your feet. I have only run this linear amplifier once or twice for short periods, and it is way beyond the concept of reason, I consider this 250 watt linear amplifier to be over and above the margin of safety for operation by humans.

The use of a Plasma Tube is the final vital component part necessary to the devices operation. The Plasma Tube acts as something of an electronic mixer where the RF wave and its modulated audio wave are further modulated onto light waves. Modulation is the process of putting one wave on another, as in a radio wave with its attached (modulated) voice or music wave. The inverse may also be true where light waves are modulated onto RF waves. From the plasma tube emanates a fourth wave that is more than just a combination of Audio, Radio, and Light Waves. This fourth wave (Plasma) seems to have effects that are inherent unto itself and not merely due to the actions of its constituents. This Plasma Wave has the ability to enter into cellular structures through a process that is not electrical induction. The plasma wave seems to overcome the natural defensive properties of cells to outside foreign stimulus. In other words the plasma wave bypasses the "skin effect" and allows for deep tissue penetration. Very few people can feel a radio wave, nearly everyone after a few exposures can feel and sense the plasma wave. In fact when first exposed to the device many people are temporarily startled as they expect to see a simple neon tube in operation,and instead feel their body couple in some manner with the plasma wave. This effect is not at all unpleasant, just somewhat startling.

The effects of different types of glass, tubes, and Noble Gasses are discussed in the book. Neon for example is vitalizing, sedating, warming ( due to its Infra Red output), muscle relaxing, and pain relieving. Argon is vitalizing, cooling, sedating or stimulating depending on the physical and emotional status of the test subject. Argon is also pain relieving and most importantly ,it has intense devitalizing and in some cases destructive effects on micro organisms. As a point of controversy, I don't recommend Helium gas as it suffers from many operational difficulties related to internal resistance of the gas and resultant overheating of the tube.

The different effects of each gas are due to their respective spectral outputs, and the modulation of the radio wave and the audio wave onto the different spectral wavelengths. Another phenomena related to this is that the spectral colors produced by the plasma varies directly with the applied audio frequencies. Which is part of why the audio frequency from the square wave generator is varied to produce different physiologic effects.The book and video tape has pictures of micro organisms which were destroyed by the device, through the air,with no direct connections between the device and the micro organism from 4 to 5 feet away. The word devitalized as I am using it, needs to be explained, this does not mean death necessarily, but also biochemical impairment, a loss of activity and growth, and Pleomorphic conversion to an alternative part of the organisms life cycle. This machine I have developed, produces effects and results that when when judged against the current state of health care appear somewhat unbelievable. Yet the statements I have made are true.

One should not limit their thinking to merely health care. The device offers potential in insect control ( certain frequencies are very irritating to insects and they will leave the area). The device may make possible non toxic control of various vermin, rodents, agricultural diseases,and other pests.

" Resonant Frequency Therapy - Building the Rife Beam Ray Device " contains 23 short illustrated Chapters covering; the development, full construction, and operation of the device. As a true bonus a set of treatment frequencies taken from the Plasma Tube Rife Device once owned by an M.D. in the mid to late 1950's is included. This Dr.made accurate measurements of the treatment frequencies of his machine prior to the machines demise. Recently made pictures of an actual Rife Ray tube produced in 1947 and still in existence, but not in use, are also included. Considerable space is taken to explore the transmitters; basis of operation, Plasma Tubes, noble gasses, and problems inherent in operation. Attention is given to details in construction that make the process relatively easy. Two separate devices are discussed, a low power device that does not need a linear amplifier, and a high power device that utilizes the linear amplifier.

I do not sell completed machines or individual parts for the machines. A list of suppliers is given in the book, and all parts are easily available off the shelf. Further I have no financial relationship with any of these same suppliers. Minimal tools such as a screw driver, soldering gun, side cutters, and the like are necessary for construction. No expensive electrical test equipment is required. The only electrical testing instrument necessary is an easy to use digital multi meter which costs about 40 dollars.

I have labored to produce a book that is understandable by those not versed in electronics, as many readers who would otherwise be interested, might feel daunted by unknown electronic complexities. Through a series of simple explanations, the reader will be guided through the technical aspects of the devices operation.

AN UNDERSTANDING OF THE ELECTRICAL THEORY OF HOW THE DEVICE WORKS IS NOT NECESSARY FOR THE DEVICES CONSTRUCTION (not yelling here, just making sure this statement is noticed). Actual construction time is about four hours including some parts chasing. Most of the parts are available with only a phone call, and once acquired, just connect together. I realize that my foregoing explanation may be intimidating to many people that have had no experience with electronic devices outside of maybe turning a TV or radio on and off. Once assembled however, the device is very easy to operate. An individual that might be interested, but believes that the construction process would be too intimidating, can always have their device assembled by any competent electronics technician. By technician, I mean anyone that repairs: TV's, radios, VCR's or the like for a living. The video tape has a section devoted to assembling all the parts into a completed device and then operating the device. The device is designed so that it broadcasts on a radio band allocated for use by the FCC for Industrial, Scientific, and Medical Devices (27.12 Mhz which is channel 14). We live in the information age and now that information so long forgotten, so long suppressed, can be yours.

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