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The Taos Hum

Bill Beaty & Michael Theroux

If you’ve ever been disturbed by “nocturnal auditory disturbances”, an irritating humming noise that has been described as a diesel engine idling, or bees swarming, you will be pleased to learn that you are not alone, it is not just in your head, and you are not crazy. Bill Beaty gives us a history of the hum, and points out that it is a worldwide phenomena. His website is the Internet’s largest support group and data collection on the hum. He’s received reports from Alaska, Sweden, England, and most of the U.S. “Hummer” (term for those who hear the hum) Michael Theroux of Borderland Sciences, used standard equipment in a new way (which he explains) to record the hum. Not an easy thing to do. A New Mexico team, even while hearing the hum, failed to record or even register it on a van full of sound equipment while driving around the state. We aired Michael’s hum, and asked callers compared what they hear to it.

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