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Atlantis in America
George Erikson

The stone spheres of Costa Rica have long been a mystery. Some measure nine feet in diameter and weigh 30 tons; some are the size of grapefruits. Many are near-perfect spheres, within two millimeters. Three large and aligned spheres point to Easter Island -- which has its own collection of spheres. They are also very ancient --- and herein lies the mystery. Our guest, George Erickson reveals the evidence suggesting these artifacts are 12,000+ year old relics from an ancient and technically advanced sea-going culture, now lost to time. book: "Atlantis in America: Navigators of the Ancient World"

The remarkable stone spheres of Costa Rica exhibit a sophistication in construction unequaled in the ancient world. The most perfect shape to a megalith is not the triangle, rectangle nor square. It is the sphere. In Costa Rica spheres seven feet in diameter and weighing over 30 tons have been found to be within 2 millimeters of absolute spherical perfection -- a feat not possible in today's technological world until the invention of the laser. 

In Atlantis in America authors Ivar Zapp and George Erikson reveal evidence that suggests these spheres are 12,000-year-old artifacts of a technically advanced sea-going culture. Sightlines from groups of spheres point directly toward Easter Island, Stonehenge, and Giza . Like Polynesian sightings stones found in the Gilbert Islands at Arorae, the spheres indicate sailing routes, this time at the crossroads of worldwide navigational routes (at the middle of the Americas). Among items found in Costa Rica that repeatedly stress the navigational function of the spheres are Atlantean figures holding shallow concave bowls ( to determine zenith stars), repeated depictions of the Atlantean (Sailor's) Cross, and Stone Lapidas, found only in Costa Rica, so thinly carved that they mimic precisely the guara boards used in raft navigation by Peruvians at the time Europeans first encountered the "New World." 

Now that we are beginning to discard "Beringia Migration Theory" in light of earlier sites at Monte Verde (Chile) and earlier morphologies, such as Luzia in Brazil and Kennewick Man, we can begin to appreciate man as an ancient navigator.

.Atlantean presence in the Americas was known to ancient Sumerians and Egyptians, and to Plato, but was subsequently lost to time. According to the authors, the capital, coastal cities and civilization of Atlantis were island-continent of Atlantis (contrary to popular interpretations of Plato's account) survived. Remnants of the civilization itself can be found in the spheres of Costa Rica and in Mayan, Olmec star temples that stood on grounds not destroyed by a sudden rise in sea levels.

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