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Dr. Valerie Hunt
The Human Energy Field

Dr. Valerie Hunt has had a distinguished 40-year career as a university professor and physiology researcher. Currently Professor Emeritus from the Department of Physiological Sciences at UCLA, she has devoted the last 25 years to measuring and mapping human bioenergy, and is the first researcher to make objective, repeatable measurements of the full spectrum of the field surrounding the human body.

Dr. Hunt has developed a recording instrument (with sensors similar to those used to identify muscle tension) to discover and measure frequency patterns existing in physiological, emotional and consciousness-based conditions and diseases. Her most important readings occur in much higher vibrational ranges than those pertaining to muscle tension - with frequencies in the megahertz range and above.

Dr. Hunt's work is a unique and groundbreaking contribution to a new scientific model of human behavior physiology, with important practical implications. For example, she reports that the energetic emanations of the body show anti-coherent changes before actual disease conditions can be diagnosed. Her data also shows the first "chaos" patterns ever demonstrated in biological systems.

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