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Science out of the Box: Laura Lee defines and shares her fascination with it

This is a big fascinating universe, and I feel it is our first duty to go exploring. Our culture likes to employ the scientific process to explore the world around us. As the scientific process continues to redefine our thinking and remodel our world, there is a growing number of new science theories that lie just outside our mainstream parameters. This is exactly what makes these stories so interesting. Itís the promise of exploring new territory, of going out of bounds, the hint that just under our noses lies hidden from view some new law of physics that just may alter our world. Yes, science, in and of itself, is fascinating. Just think about this unique time we occupy in history: we know so much more about our world than any other time in history, at least in the scientific vein. (And I donít believe for a moment that this is the only or most important method of understanding Ė it just happens to be the method that dominates today. Indigenous cultures used other methods, including travels in consciousness, and got even more interesting results. Just as valid, but describing a different aspect of the world.)

It was both a revelation and a relief when so many guests made a convincing case that the findings of science are all too often tied up in politics, greed, and turf wars. That it is often used as propaganda and a sales tool. That science was resting on an incomplete set of assumptions Ė for one, the role of consciousness was missing from the equation, likely because you canít see a soul squirming under a microscope and science is better at measuring the material (but often forgets that what you see isnít all there is out there)

So, it was a revelation because though science likes to wear the cloak of objective truth, what a sense of relief to throw off one authority after another!


Here was room to look at what science likes to dismiss out of hand, because it disagrees with the line it has drawn in the sand. Here was reason to reject some of the agendas that use science to legitimize and push its point of view around. Here was room to consider alternative theories.

Ah, the alternatives. Fraught with danger yet full of promise. Exciting especially when the mainstream doesnít want you to know, and so goes ballistic. As youíre trying to wrap your brain around it, you are constantly wondering Ė how real is this? How accurate? How possible? How close to abyss of faulty thinking or revelation can this bring me? Is this fresh insight into some principle of Nature that needs, that begs, to be discovered or mere delusion?

The fringe is such interesting territory. And so many fringe theories have leaped right into the mainstream, that youíd think the fringe would be courted for the next new discoveries. So why wait?

 -- Laura Lee - Copyright © 2003

Enter here to browse our collection
of New Science Interviews, Books and more ...

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