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Robert Felix        

AUDIO BOOK: IceCycles: The Imminent Return of the ICE AGE
Robert Felix has been a regular guest since 1977 with a well-docoumented alarm for a coming ice age. Now even the Pentagon agrees! He responds to a Fortune Magazine article "CLIMATE COLLAPSE: The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare-- The climate could change radically, and fast. That would be the mother of all national security issues". While sectors of government and industry are taking this issue seriously, Robert's work reaches farther into the evidence and several natural geophysical cycles than Pentagon think tanks, and spells a more urgent picture of abrupt climate change. NEWS ARTICLE:
CLIMATE COLLAPSE: The Pentagon's Weather Nightmare

About the Author
Robert Felix wrote the most definitive book on a coming Ice Age, "Not by Fire but by Ice" and has a three-hour audio book, "Ice Cycles: The Imminent Return of the Ice Age." Hosted by Laura Lee, this audio book includes chapters on a magnetic field reversal and its implications that were left out of the book. Today, Felix continues his research, posting new supporting evidence on his website. He is more firmly convinced than ever that the next Ice Age has already begun.

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