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Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.
The Biology of Consciousness

About Bruce Lipton
Scientist, author, university professor and lecturer, Bruce Lipton, compares the evolution of the cell to that of humankind; clearly demonstrates that much of our technology is in direct imitation of Nature’s designs for cell structures. The myths of genes vs. the magic of membranes. Case made that it is not our genes, but our environment, and our perception of the environment, that ultimately regulates our health and behavior. Based upon his research at Stanford University, Dr. Lipton's most recent research publications on the regulation of cell behavior have yielded insight into the molecular basis of consciousness and the future of human evolution. What is most exciting is that there are patterns in evolution, and the development of community is part of one of these patterns. Bruce is on the cutting edge of the New Biology, which, like the New Physics, is changing the way we see things. In this we find that much of Neo-Darwinian biology is gravely in error and that the bleak picture it paints of our future is, at most, a self-fulfilling prophecy. The vision of the New Biology is far more hopeful.

Nature, Nurture & the Power of Love: The Biology of Conscious Parenting
Our pre- and peri-natal experiences form a biological template, which colors subsequent feelings and attitudes about ourselves, our relationships and our connection to Earth and Spirit. Awareness of this important programming mechanism can be used to prevent further harm, as well as heal the places in our hearts and minds where we ourselves have acquired limiting programs.