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Doug Vogt
Gravitational Anomalies

Book Description (from the publisher)
In these gravitational mystery spots or vortexes, your size will change by as much as 5 to 7% over a short distance. Needless to say, this isn’t suppose to happen if you accept the General Theory of Relativity. So what causes these phenomena? Why hasn’t anyone figured out these phenomena and why does traditional science ignore them? Well now they have been explained in the book Gravitational Mystery Spots of the United States.

These gravitational anomalies were explained using the Theory of Multidimensional Reality, the world’s first information theory of existence. The book explains a series of experiments that were conducted at the Oregon Vortex®, the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, CA; Confusion Hill, CA; and Magnetic Hill, CA.

The experiments covered three areas of interest. 1. The size changes called “the shrink and grow” phenomenon. 2. Time changes. 3. The amount of force necessary to push a weight towards the center of the vortex compared to away from the center.

The 82 page book is directed to the general audience with enough scientific explanation so the average person can understand what is being explained and the enormous ramification of this discovery. This scientific discovery and experiment may eventually result in the greatest archeological discover in history—physical evidence of an ancient, highly advanced civilization in the Americas.

Pushing a Weight in the Vortex
The force necessary to push an 18 and 25 pound weight towards the center of a gravitational vortex is significantly greater than away from it.

The Size Changes:
The author shows size changes of as much as 6% over a distance of 7’feet.

Time Changes:
Time shifts are accurately recorded at all of the locations. Nobody, previous to these tests, thought that time could change dynamically over such a short period of time and distance. A frequency generating source was placed at 5 foot intervals inside the vortex and the output frequency recorded. The results clearly show how time changes depending on the recorded location inside the vortex.

The Conclusion of this Research
The first and most obvious conclusion is: that the traditional ideas of what causes gravity and how time changes near strong gravitational fields, are Wrong! The General Theory of Relativity is wrong! Gravity is the result of concentrations of information being directed to a point in time and space.

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